Friday, August 06, 2010

Sad Day in Villar Perosa

I usually try and keep it light here at the BB View, but I just couldn't let this pass with out comment.  Two Italian soldiers were killed last week in Afghanistan while they were attempting to disarm an improvised bomb. One of the two soldiers, Warrant Officer Mauro Gigli, resided in Villar Perosa, the town just a couple of miles down the road from us.  As we were coming home from the market Saturday I noticed a few small groups of people lining the street midday in Villar Perosa when normally most people are inside having lunch and it was hot enough out to make most people scurry for shade. It slowly dawned on me as I noticed that some had flags and the towns flags were all at half mast that this was indeed people waiting for him to be brought home. It was truly touching knowing that they were all waiting in the heat when it was unclear exactly when his body would be arriving from Rome and his home town funeral wasn't scheduled until that evening. I admired their respectful vigil for him, his sacrifice for all of us and for his family left behind with a hole left in their hearts that won't ever be completely mended. Once again this type of scene has played out not only throughout Italy on more than one occasion, but of course, way too many times in America and England as well as other countries, nor should we forget the innocent civilian casualties either.  It brought the distressing reality of the war on terror ever closer to home and piqued my frustration that we never seem to be able to find another solution or even to try other methods of resolving our differences. War just makes everyone one a loser, even when someone wins, the loss of life and peace is so great and  usually unclear if it really ever is worth those losses. If it's your loved one, I think not. I really respect and appreciate the people that put their lives on the line for the rest of us. A simple thank you is never enough, but it is all one has in the end. So thank you Warrant Officer Mauro Gigli and Corporeal Pierdavide De Cillis. May your sacrifice  not be in vain. Thank you.
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