Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hike to Bourcet in Upper Chisone Valley

Getting up into the higher mountains is always a thrill for me. The anticipation, the fresh mountain air, the wildflowers, the discoveries along the path, the views and the sense of accomplishment are some of the aspects of a days outing with my boots and buddies that satisfies my soul.
It might seem odd to you, that it would be such a thrill for me, seeing that I already live in the mountains, but naturally it is my own back yard and you know what they say about familiarity?
I love the mountains and even though I do live in the mountains, I love nothing more than getting out and up into them. The anticipation of a new walk in the woods when pull on my well worn boots and fill the water bottles up, brings a lilt to my step and a smile to my face.
It all feels so good, the jaunt in ones step that lasts just until the heat sets in, in earnest, and the water bottle's refreshing liquid has lost it's cool refreshing ways and the novelty of this new hike begins to wear a little thin.  The realization sets in that the spring in your step has done sprung, about the time that it dawns on you, that for the past hour you have been trudging up the lovely, but very wrong hillside from  which you were wanting to arrive, oh my....

When you finally see the much anticipated church just up above your head and although it is indeed a welcome sight, even if it undoubtedly just a hair further up the hill than what you were hoping for, it is a welcome sight. And you trudge on knowing there is a reward at the top, a small mountain festival is going on. There will be libations and sustenance.
 And there was.
And the water flowing straight from the source will and does, taste soooooooo incredibly good.
There will be happy hikers.
And there was.
And I highly recommend doing it again.
Especially if there is a chance to guess the weight of the pig and take him home with you. 
You just never know what kind of opportunity awaits you, hiking in the alps.
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