Friday, March 12, 2010

Out and About to Celebrate the Mountains

Today were coming out of the mountains to do a day trip towards Torino to participate in a small expo called Bourcet a Carignano - La pianura chiama la montagna  Or the plains calls the mountain. Literal translations don't always make a lot of sense, but the gist of it is the mountain folks from Bourcet are coming down and out of our valley to show off what all we have to offer to our friends on the plains in Carignano. Sounds like another opportunity to sample the local food and drink while making new freinds and seeing some of our old ones as well. We're doing our part. We're gathering up some local goodies to sample that everyone has so generously donated to the cause.  Bourcet is a small village further up our valley that we gaze upon from our view across the valley. They used to be a year round residential village, but not longer does during the winter, they hope to make some improvements to their infrastructure in order to change all of that. Fabrizio's aunt used to be a school teacher back in the day when folks still lived their year round. Fabrizio's father and his hunting buddies maintain a small hunting lodge where they have a small garden of potatoes and salad to keep them going during hunting season. It really is a kind of boys club.  Bourcet is a charming and beautifully remote spot that enjoys a fair amount of summer visits. They have a wonderful trattoria and refugio, as well as a climbing area and access to some gorgeous high alpine hiking, especially wonderful when the flowers are at their best. Will share more on this outing soon, but thought I'd pique your interest for a later installment, sure to feature some food and drink. So check back soon.
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