Saturday, January 09, 2010

Italian Style Winter Laundry

Last night  about 10 pm, when I saw my mother in law hanging out some laundry I had a little chuckle. I knew and she did as well, that the forecast was for snow today.  For whatever reasons, mostly known to herself, my mother-in-law loves to wash clothes by hand and hang them to drip dry no matter the weather conditions. When asked she shrugs and says she just thinks they get cleaner and enjoys it. Perhaps it is a wee bit of frugality that she won't spin them out in the washer just to remove the major part of the water, but usually they are just hand wrung. Apparently she's not in any hurry to get them dry as the forecast is for snow for the next few days.
It's a winter wonderland out there right now and not too cold, so I think I may need to put the snow shoes on when there is a break in the flakes and wander around the neighborhood.  I think today maybe another nice day for either a thick cup of hot choclate or a Turin classic drink, a Bicherin. We shall see which one wins out.
In the meantime here are a couple of  photos from the balcony.
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