Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Return to the wilds of Pinerolo

One of my annual joys is to see the return of the stork to this chimney in Pinerolo. I noticed it a few years back and am always heartened every spring to see them return. This appears to my untrained eye to be a European White stork. According to what I read, they return every year to a former nest in March and April and raise their young for about 8 weeks. I took this picture a couple of weeks ago but was unable to get one of them feeding their young. In fact, it took we quite a while to get one where I could distinctly see that it was a stork as she seemed to be watching me and not sure hat I was doing, so she was less that cooperative. Eventually, she relented and let me get a decent shot of her. Fabrizio told me that this old abandoned factory was to have been torn down, but because of the nesting storks, they were unable to. I'm sure that didn't make someone happy, but I must say I am glad as it it such a lovely sight. The abandoned factory isn't so bad and still has a bit of charm, that is a nice old bit of town that hasn't completely been gentrified. I like it as is and apparently this family does as well.
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