Saturday, March 07, 2009

Festa della Donna 2009

Happy Festa della Donna
March 8th is International Women's Day
There are all sorts of ways to celebrate this occasion, with food and flowers usually being part of the tradition. I have received a lovely sprig of Mimosa and a yellow pansy to commemorate the occasion. The hunters group of which my father in law is a part of took all of their wives out for lunch to day to honor the occasion. There have been marches in the capital today to raise awareness of violence against women and awards given to a variety of women for a variety of reasons. As I have stated before I find it rather peculiar that it isn't a holiday that has caught on in America even though is is where it originated.
I took this photo last year in Pinerolo after the festivities were over and wanted make sure to use it as it is such a lovely tree. This year we're a ways a way from the trees being in bloom, but things are melting out and spring is on it's way and that indeed is occasion enough to celebrate. Do you celebrate International Women's Day where you live?
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