Thursday, January 29, 2009

World Nutella Day!

In case you haven't heard February 5th has been declared World Nutella Day, by the lovely ladies consisting of Michelle over at Bleeding Espresso and Sara at Ms Adventures in Italy.
It's a time to indulge yourself and let you imagination take you on a flight of fancy to create a tasty treat to share on your blog om February 5th with all the other nutters, hazelnutters, that is. Or if you just can pull that together you could let said imagination go and take a picture of yourself or someone you know enjoying Nutella in their own unique way. (please note that this a family event!) You can find all the information about how to participate, at the the World Nutella Day post. You'll find links to the past 2 years round up of the event there also.
Here's a link to what I entered last year, Bugie, an Italian Carnevale specialty that makes it's appearance here in Piedmont every year at Carnival time.
So put on your thinking cap and join in the creative chocolate hazelnut fun!
Ciao for now!
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