Saturday, December 20, 2008

Back to Normal

The sun has return for an extended stay, warm balmy weather is melting a little of the over 5 ft of snow we received this past week. The road up to the ski areas are open and it's a beehive of activity here.I don't have time to post a couple of recipes that I had hoped to before Christmas so here are a couple of neighborhood photos.

Nothing like trying to tie up loose ends before the guests arrive.
What that means is that we're running around like crazy trying to get all of the nagging things done in record time. Fabrizio is putting up the last of the stone on the arches in the Olympia room that we have been waiting on materials to finish for the past 3 months. They arrived Saturday and now all that cleaning was for naught as the dust is flying again. Heavy sigh, i'll just keep the baking and prepping going in our flat and whistle while I work and be glad for all when it's done. His parents have the local window installer doing his thing, putting in the double set of doors on their flat that they ordered months ago and arrived for installing today. More dust. Poor guy that had to carry them up our stairs. He definitely broke a sweat. Luckily, they will have their new doors before the next wave of cold weather arrives in a few day as predicted.

How are all of your last minute details going?

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