Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ancora Tortelloni

One more post before I move on to the next subject.
We ate the last of the tortelloni today. These had fresh pureed chestnut mixed in with fresh ricotta. It was the most subtle flavor of the three.
Rowena of Rubber Sippers in Italy made the suggestion of pancetta with apples for a sauce and a hit sauce was born.

Hard to see the crispy bacon slivers in these photos,
but I sauteed thin batons of pancetta that I just happened to have on hand.
Removed them from the pan and set aside. Drained off some of the grease.
Tossed in some diced apples and sauteed till soft, added some vegetable stock I had.
It would have been nice with a small amount of apple juice I think as well.
When soft, I added some parsley as I had quite a lot on hand, and a small dab of butter.
Mixed the cooked tortelloni in the pan with the reserved pancetta .
Topped with some fresh grated parmigiana.
I gave it's close up with our balcony view as a back drop.
Then we gobbled them down as fast as we dared!

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