Sunday, October 26, 2008

Porcini Pin up for today October 08

Ok, so I told a recent guest that the coming of the Chuidino mushrooms meant that is was the end of Porcino(boletus edulis) season. Strictly based on anecdotal information given to me by my in laws, sources of most conventional mountain wisdom. I did say that there might be a few random ones here and there but for the most part the season was done and dusted. But then Dante, my father-in-law came home with these beauties, Friday. after a little hike up to one of his favorite places where the mushrooms grow big and are not easily found unless you know.
Obviously, he knows.
So here are a few photos of what are called "Nero and Bianca" porcini. The red ones being the Nero and the little one the Bianca one. My mother-in -law said these are about 15 days old as you can tell by the look of the "sponge' underneath the cap. Just a little something to tide you over till I get my Slow food photos up and some recipes that are still in progress together.
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