Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Arrival!

No, no it's not a puppy or kid or anything like that!
The sound of a big truck laboring up our hill Friday afternoon had Fabrizio and I looking at each other and wondering what was making it's way up our twisty mountain road this time. He thought he knew, but thought they would call before just turning up. So we waited with baited breath to see if the big truck was coming to our back door.
And what do you know, it was.
A long awaited gift from my in laws was about to find it's way into our "in progress" Olympia room. Everyone in Italy has been wishing us and everyone else in sight, a "Buon Ferragosto", for the past 2 weeks in anticipation of the 15th of August. For those of us not from Italy originally, this means that you must go some where on the 14th of August and spend the night and be on holiday even if it's for a day only or suffer the shame of telling people that you will be working and not going anywhere this year.
Allora! Poverina!
It's just not done! You must go somehwere or give the appearnce of going somewhere, even if it means taking your plants round to the neighbors to water, and then sneak back home to stay in a darkened house and make eveyone thing you went on holiday. I kid you not. It's that serious.
We were in a small grocery store check out line early last week and the cashier was lamenting that he had to work Ferragosto, all day long, all by himself. Oh cavalo!
Well you see for us, we have guests anyway, so we can just pretend we're on holiday with everyone else, right?
Ok, so I digress, there really is a point to this missive. The said big truck with the said big delivery was coming because they were all going on holiday for a couple of weeks and wanted to make sure we had our new arrival.
How thoughtful indeed!

Easy does it!

Nice huh!
Guess what this means, after yet, more renovation work? A new tool to use to keep my father in law topped up in olive bread and my mother in law happy with the way her pizza crust turns out and maybe, just maybe, down the line, we might even do some artisan breads with guests once we get the hang of it all. Maybe we can attract some other keen bakers to come on over and bake together. The possibilities are endless. In the mean time, even though we received a bit of rain today and it brought the scorching temperatures down a few degrees, I'm not thinking about heating things up too much just yet. We still have some renovations to make to get the smoke out of the room and such, but it is a welcome new addition to the family!
It looks nice lurking back there in the corner doesn't it.
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