Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tomini Platter

Well now for something besides rain and the weather, although it hasn't completely let up yet, e are at least getting some sunshine sprinkled in with the showers.
This was a platter of local Tomini cheese that our neighbor down the road from us in Grandubbione has been making for at least the past 30 years when her family "retired" to the end of our road with their son and his wife to raise a few cows and goats for cheese with a few chickens and a menagerie of exotic birds and the usual hanger-ons, like the barn cats and herding dogs. Nina makes the best Tomini around. It's a light ricotta type cheese of which she makes two varieties, one, all cows milk and the other a mix of goat and cow's milk. Fresh out of the form, it's silken texture melts in your mouth leaving the most delicate flavor. Sliced into thick rounds, dressed with a generous amount of flavorful oil, fresh herbs, like dill or basil, you'll have the locals favorite. My personal favorite is paired with our anchovy stuffed peperoncini for a nice biting contrast to it's silky smooth mouthfeel.
Or just sliced with the flavorful oil, herbs and pansies on top makes for a delightful offering.
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