Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer at last, with Porcini Pinup!

At last summer has arrived after waiting for the ark to turn up any day in the last month.
Unfortunately for some of our guests they didn't get to see much of the sky line from our perch in the alps, but they did get to see a wall of green with a gray moody backdrop.
Now we're on to full on summer and I for one, am glad that it's here.

I couldn't resist taking a couple of pictures of the huge beeches we have around here while strolling around in the neighborhood a couple of days ago.

Giant beech.jpg

a walk in the neighborhood_9_2.JPG

But the best part was Fabrizio's prize find of the day.

Porcini for all!
He won't let me publish the great shot of him with the porcini in a "Calender Girl" type pose, but I keep threatening to just post it on flickr.
We shall see if he relents. He always says he wants to be famous and I say, here's your way to infamous!
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