Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pasta Precotta?

What would you guess this is?

If you guessed, a boring bowl of whole grain pasta,
you would be right,
but not exactly.

That would be Puppy YUM
In the land of "all things pasta",
Italians feed their dogs and cats,
that's right,
Precooked, whole grain, with out preservatives pasta.
Just add hot water, wait 10 minutes, and stir in any thing else you might have sitting around that begs to be added for the darling little pooch.
Our little stray herding puppy that appeared on our doorstep this past week likes it just plain and simple. Where as, "Fido", another canine, who appeared last November and has been adopted by my in laws, likes his with parmesan and a touch of olive oil.
I imagine both are happy to be having anything to eat,
but it does seem that the doggy pasta is a hot seller here.

you have a happy camper along with the rest of us
that just say "yum" to pasta too.

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