Monday, May 26, 2008

A Soggy View

Well I must say the garden is well watered and all is lushly verdant if not rather soggy. We have needed the rain as it has been scarce the past few years, but now the creeks ad rivers are starting to rise so a bit of sunshine would be most appreciated. on on that rather soggy not I thought last night's diner was a swimmingly good choice. Not exactly fish and chips, but along those lines.

We had found a nice Branzino or sea bass that tucked in to a blanket of parchment paper with some fresh lemon thyme, sage, and oregano with a clove of garlic and bay leaf. I drizzled some oil over all and sealed it up before popping it into the oven. The piece of puff pastry that I had left over from my tried and true "to the rescue" tartlettes from breakfast, made for a simple and satisfying antipasti. The addition of fresh asparagus with some gorgonzola and parmesan as a base and glue for the asparagus to the puff dough made for a quick trip to the oven with the fish. Complimenting the fish with a giant potato cake which cooked while the other was in the oven and dinner was served.

Finishing off our simple supper, we drizzled balsamic vinegar over some soggy strawberries, added fresh basil and polished them off in record time.
Simplicity at it's finest.
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