Saturday, May 31, 2008

Soggy still, but the show must go on

Never let the weather stop you is what we use to always say when I lived in Summit County Colorado. You wait a minute and it's sure to change. Well, that was pretty true most of the time. We are still waiting for the rain to stop, but I must say that is has subsided.
Our valley made national news 2 days ago because our rivers had reached flood water stage and things were a little tense. I am happy to say that our valley didn't receive too much damage from the swollen river, other than it filled up like I have never seen it before and I think we have clean the river banks of a few trees and debris, a bit of damage to some of our older bridges, but most everything is intact. Unfortunately our neighbors in Prali and Torre Pellice, weren't quite as lucky, with damage from mud sliding and rocks falling. The helicopters were busy shuttling assistance to and fro and the sound of the rivers thundering down the valley where hardly a whisper is normally heard made for a very amazing Friday night serenade. We were all quite worried that there was going to be worse to come, but fortunately the rain has subsided to an occasional sprinkling or sudden short down pour, instead of the steady pounding were receiving last week. So the rivers have crested and shrunken back down but are still fairly impressive all in all. We can still hear a gentle hum of the Chisone and our little streams that feed into it, but the birds are singing and the bees back to doing their duty so all is well in the kingdom of Savoy.
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