Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Torino Chocolate Fest 2008

I spent Sunday in Torino wandering around the center somewhat aimlessly. I was trying not to bump into anyone as town was heaving with people out to soak up the warmth of springlike conditions. The atmosphere of an earlier political rally, an arts and crafts display, the Juventus team lunching at the Principi di Piemonte hotel, and outdoor cafes everywhere with gypsy serenaders and hungry strollers hovering about waiting for a coveted spot in the sun when someone had finished and moved on. The Piazza down by the Po river was host to antiques being sold under the porticoes and the center stage, had been reserved for a carnival of chocolate samplings, plunked down in the middle of that very sunny, almost downright hot, piazza, to tempt and test even the strongest of Lenten resistance.

It was a day out and and an opportunity to meet friends of my nephew and niece, whom I had heard that I needed to meet them since they were in Torino and so close. I'm glad I did, as they were two very interesting young people and I had the added pleasure of meeting Jacopo's parents as well. In the end we wondered around taking in the sights and getting to know each other a bit. I'd like to do another post dedicated to their passion, which is mountain climbing. Jacopo is a certified guide and has some very impressive climbs under his belt for such a young man. A common passion of the four and very easy for me to understand their friendship based on their common interest of mountain climbing. Have a look at his site that is shared with two other guides on their aptly named Mountain Passion. I had already had a small stop at one of my favorite cafes with a small indulgent look at their always tasty chocolates.

It's a beautiful historical cafe on Via Po and worth a stop in if you find yourself in the area and a small platter of pralines won't set you back too much and I guarantee they will melt in your mouth and leave you deeply satisfied. That is until you have a look at your platter and see that there is another one to try and another one after that.
Oh well, why not, you only live once, eh?
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