Monday, January 28, 2008

Carnevale Window Peeping

Friday, I had a chance to go into Torino for the afternoon and like a kid I found myself drawn to the window displays, in particular, the pastry shops. I don't know if its because the window displays here in Europe are so classy and elaborate and because I was and still am a small town kid that big city window displays still hold a huge fascination for me. Anyway, I enjoyed wandering around Torino, taking them all in, with the pastry shops putting on their best Carnevale face. I hope to make some carnival pastries later this week, but until then. Have a look at the local fare in the big city window displays of Torino.

Marzipan hats and masks

Sweets masquerading as savory foods.

Festive cakes from Pinerolo

Little indulgent dreams
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