Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You know it's the Holiday Season because?.....

This time of the year if I recall correctly the ads on TV in America have started for the holiday season and it seemed to me to start earlier every year. I have noticed a similar trend here albeit much more subtler than the US blatant consumer advertising blitz which starts around Halloween, steadily picking up momentum until after Thanks giving when all the stops are pulled.
Here in Italy, I know we're moving into the holiday season by the arrival of the TV food ads, most notably the chocolates, led by our beloved Alba based Ferrero Rocher and by the eternally popular Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. I'm adding a video I found on YouTube of the very catchy tuned ad that has had me humming it once again this year. They haven't rolled out the Christmas version yet, but it can't be too far down the line when the battle of the Pannetone hit the airwaves. I particularly like when the Gerard Depardieu lookalike breaks out of the the big cheese and the grated cheese falls like rain. Hope you enjoy it.
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