Monday, November 26, 2007

Smile and a coffee

I have a a number of posts I would like to do, but they are a bit long and involved and I'm short on time for the next couple of days. I thought I would put this up as I take a coffee break. I love the decorations that most decent Italian bars go to the trouble of making for that little extra something that makes an ordinary cappuccino extraordinary. I enjoy my cappuccino all the more. This little bar, Cafe Smile, (I love the way Italians like to throw an English word in randomly sometimes in naming bars, stores, clubs etc, whether it makes complete sense or not) is in Villar Perosa, the next vilage down that we stop in some times when we are out and about. Fabrizio went to school with the woman that owns the bar and we sometimes stop in for a chat. I loved the coffee shaped sugars and the brilliant yellow table. It put a smile on my face. Hope it will do so for you too.
Ciao Belli
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