Friday, October 05, 2007

Sacra San last

They say the 3rd time is the charm,, so the 5th time ,must really make it special, no? Finally after several attempts to have our timing right to visit this imposing monastery and back drop for the cult movie classic, "The Name of the Rose", based on the book by Umberto Ecco, ( See my Amazon selections in the side bar for links to both the book and movie),I finally make it inside with my 3rd sibling. One of our guest this summer had sort of panned it as they said it has been restored from being heavily bombed during WWII. That may be true, but it is truly an imposing structure stuck high on the hillside and overlooking the entrance to the Susa valley and the lakes of Aviligiana. The views are stunning and the monastery interesting , perhaps a bit austere, but then I thought that was part of monastic life. There are several of the Savoy royal family crypts here, making for an interesting tour . Sacra San Michele is also one of 2 symbols of our Province of Turin, with the Fortress of Fenestrelle being the other over in our valley and both are about the same distance from us with the Fortress being slightly closer and yet another reason to come visit our area and have a look around.
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