Friday, May 11, 2007

then the sun, the Foehn winds and now our first spring Porcini

Yes I could go on speculating about the weather but all I can really say is that it has been strange indeed. We desperately needed the rain so our lovely risotto rice can flourish this year, and we seemed to get it even if it was torrential for 4 days or so. Then the unrelenting warm winds from the the south battered all life forms as we know them. Everything in the flower boxes and garden looked beat up and parched after 3 days of that. Anyway, now we're back to summer even if it is May and the clusters of song birds are singing in the day and the progression of wildflowers are moving along up here at a bit of altitude.
Although we received substantial rain, the higher peaks across the valley from us were quite white again, but already the sunning is winning and the snow is melting off quickly. In spite of it all, my intrepid mother in law managed to find the first porcini of the season a couple of days ago. We made quick work of it after its moment being photographed and went rather well with some "riso nero" I had prepared. Sweet chewy black or what looks to me, purple rice from our organic grower friends, "Il Frutto Permesso" ( the permitted fruit), made for a satisfying and simple lunch. The sweetness of the rice offset the earthiness of the wild mushroom and whetted my appetite for a few more the forests gifts. Happpy hunting.
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