Saturday, April 07, 2007

Buona Pasqua!

Let the chocolate extravaganza begin. We went to Pinerolo for the local market and to wander about town. The last minute food buying frenzy was well underway and hard to not get caught up in it. So after fighting our way thru the crowds to mull over the fruit and veg offerings along with a indulgence in purchasing a fine mixture of seafood to be done up in a packet of parchment paper later, we made our way to my favorite pastry shop and chocolatier in the old town of Pinerolo, Ferraud. It was an orgy of exquisite tortes, miniature pastries, chocolate creams and gigantic hand made and decorated chocolate eggs and bells. I wanted to sample it all, but settle for a small selection of pastries with cappuccino with friends. It was another great day out . Now tomorrow the family eating marathon begins and the promise of a picnic on Monday to finish off the charming after Easter bank holiday of Pasquetta on Monday. Let the games begin. I hope your holidays are filled with lots of chocolate and friends and family too!
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